i love sesshomaru’s mother omg

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i feel like koga and co. are saying their final farewells and that hurts more than i expected lol

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pussy game too strong

pussy game too strong

holy shit i think i just found my dream world in the demon hermit’s little space

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so basically tenseiga’s the subtle knife

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wait if kagome stayed back in the feudal era and assuming she has kids with inuyasha does that mean she contributed to her own existence in a way like are there quarter demons among her ancestors that she also happened to give birth to

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“I think people spend their lives trying to figure out if [Amy Poehler]’s the toughest adorable person they’ve ever seen or the most adorable tough person they’ve ever seen.” - Seth Meyers

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sango and miroku are pretty much engaged and they still get embarrassed when kaede and shippo see them close to each other

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wow i did not expect to cry so hard at kagura’s death

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lol it feels like i missed a few eps in between the original series and the final arc

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